The Cesvi way for keeping children safe

Cesvi has always been committed to combating all forms of violence against children, and it does so even when children’s security from harm is threatened by Cesvi’s operation or staff malpractices.

For this reason, Cesvi adopted a comprehensive system of policies and procedure to guarantee children are safe and our staff never takes advantage of their position of trust in the relationship with the children we support.

Children’s awareness of Cesvi’s safeguarding provisions are essential to their effectiveness. Children must be informed and made aware of their rights to protection, of safeguarding measures Cesvi set-up and how to safely and confidentially report concerns and abuses.

This is why Cesvi is today lunching the child-friendly version of its Child Safeguarding Policy. Thanks to the use of images and a plain-language, the Cesvi child-friendly Child Safeguarding Policy directly addresses to children to inform them about their right to be kept safe from any harm coming from Cesvi’s activities or staff.

The child-friendly version of Cesvi Child Safeguarding Policy is an important and natural milestone of Cesvi’s paths towards increased accountability to stakeholders, including the most important ones, i.e. children.

The document is now available in English, Arabic and Italian. French and Spanish version will be soon available.