Pakistan: A fresh start for Sahib

Dande Darpa Khel is a village in tehsil Miran Shah, North Waziristan. In 2014, the little town was severely affected by the instabilities in north-western Pakistan, which forced over 5 million people into displacement in the whole country, including the 17,500 inhabitants of Dande Darpa Khel, who could come back to their village only in […]


“Clean water at our doorstep”

A couple of children laughing and playing while collecting clean water from the collection point rehabilitated by Cesvi in the village.

In June 2014, instabilities in north-western Pakistan forced over 5 million people into displacement, leaving their homes and all their belongings in the hope of finding shelter and safety in neighbouring regions. Among them, there were also the 2,320 inhabitants of the small village of Gul Akram Kot, in North Waziristan. Following the unrest, they […]


We were in March, some years ago…

Eravamo nel marzo di qualche anno fa

“We were in March, some years ago. One day, around mid-afternoon, a mini bus almost full of people rushed in the Jazeera Health Centre, located about 20km out of Mogadishu. There was a pregnant woman in final labour contraction, ready to deliver her baby. We immediately put her in a birthing room, but I soon […]


Dhiban: A story of hope and redemption from Somalia

Dhiban is a fifteen-year-old young woman living in a camp for internally displaced persons (IDPs) in El-Dhanan in the Jazeera zone, Somalia. Because of a cholera outbreak in her village, she has lost both her parents at the age of four. Alone and with no family, Dhiban was given in custody to her aunt who […]


Shaping the future: Dreams and hopes of children in Misrata

Always committed to child protection and to the promotion of the fundamental rights of children – especially through the programme Houses of Smiles active in many countries around the world – today Cesvi Foundation intervenes also in support of the resilience process of vulnerable boys and girls, their parents and caregivers in Western Libya through […]


Thanks to her shop, Hibaaq finds hope for the future of her family

Hibaaq in her shop.

Like many other regions in Somalia, Hobyo district is experimenting an ongoing critical situation. The constant threat of drought and desert locust infestations have destroyed the pasture and incredibly worsened the conditions of the livestock. As a consequence, many rural households living in the countryside have been forced to displace into the main villages in […]