Micron Foundation still supporting CESVI for child protection

After the valuable support to CESVI’s projects for the Coronavirus emergency in Italy in 2020, Micron Foundation’s commitment supporting CESVI for the House of Smile Program in Italy continues.

Through the Houses of Smiles CESVI supports children in vulnerable situations. These are community spaces created to give more opportunities and services to children from peripheral urban contexts and their families, offering them experiences of socialization, growth, meeting, sharing and solidarity, so as to fight poverty, crime and urban decay and guarantee them a better future.

In particular, the Foundation has decided to support CESVI’s Houses of Smiles in Milan and Naples through workshop programs that, by strengthening children’s self-esteem and communication skills, prevent the onset of negative behavior, bullying and exclusion; through educational support and after-school activities for children in difficulty and their families; and through psychological support services.

“Micron Foundation supports the communities where Micron employees live and work through philanthropic initiatives and volunteer activities. Through these projects, we want to meet the needs of children and their families to improve their quality of life” said Manuela Seminara as Ambassador of Micron Foundation for Italy.

With the House of Smile Program thousands of fragile children around the world will be protected, return to smiles, become protagonists of their own lives and look to the future with positivity.

And All this will also be possible thanks to the invaluable support of Micron Foundation, once again at CESVI’s side to protect childhood.