We live in the era of globalisation, in a fully interconnected world, where every one of us is a global citizen.

There are no “global problems” that have no connection to our everyday life, hence as citizens and consumers we are called on to acquire new skills as “world citizens” that enable us to make better informed social, economic and civil choices.

Cesvi has always sought to get across to people the concept of “Planet, shared home” where everyone has rights, but also duties, and where everyone’s actions weigh on the others’ shoulders, particularly from the north to the south of the world.

Central to our undertaking is the question of eliminating famine in the southern hemisphere, but also in Italy and Europe. Food right now is our awareness campaign to educate youth and world citizens on the problems of hunger in the southern hemisphere and on the promotion of the right to food for all. The first priority is to stimulate direct participation by youth as the responsible global citizens of today and tomorrow, and to spread a culture of sustainability. With Food Right Now we involve them and encourage them to pick up the challenge because they are the ones who can bring about change and personally undertake to spread the understanding that: access to enough quality food is a right for everyone.

Expo Milan 2015, with the theme “Feed the Planet” has been an important theatre for bringing to international public attention our undertaking for food security. The Universal Exhibition gave Cesvi, as a Civilian Society Organisation,  the chance to tell about women, men and communities who are protagonists in the south of the world in the socio-economic development of their own countries, through a sensible use of natural resources while respecting the planet.

Today the 17 new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs / Global Goals), which carry on from the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), underscore the universal commitment  of every country to eliminate social and economic inequality promoting adequate infrastructures and models of production and sustainable consumption to enable a green and inclusive growth by 2030.

Cesvi, involved in many countries with projects of food security, nutrition and sustainable agriculture,  gives priority to work under the second SDG “Zero hunger: achieve food security, improve nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture”.