Remembering Cesvi in your will is a simple choice that brings help and goodness to the world

Every day Cesvi is at work in the most desperate, poorest parts of the world, where children are the first to suffer hunger and neglect. Wills made out to Cesvi gives every one of them a better future, one of love and goodness.

Drawing up a will is a gesture of love and responsibility which concerns the life of each of us. Whether one’s estate is big or small a will is an instrument that helps protect our dear ones, assigning to each one of them a share of the estate.

With a will it is also possible to keep one’s dreams alive and give a future to all the children Cesvi takes care of day by day. Thanks to those who choose to assign a part of their estate to Cesvi we can keep up the fight for a world without poverty, wars or injustice, where every child can go to school and every mother can take care of her children.

Include Cesvi in your will: we will carry on making your dreams come true and you will live on in the memory of the children, mothers and communities which receive you gift.

Did you know that…

  • Without a will and no legal heirs the whole estate goes automatically to the state
  • All wills can be modified or revoked at any time of your life
  • Oral wills are not recognised by law
  • The testator may, if he so wishes, nominate an executor, a trusted person charged with ensuring that the testamentary dispositions are effectively carried out.