Industriousness and participation

We have been working for more than 30 years throughout the world to face up to the worst humanitarian emergencies and to run projects that concretely fight against poverty and support sustainable development. To “do good well” we field professionals and competence to enhance the role and the involvement of the recipient communities.

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    1. Takunda was born free

      Takunda is the protagonist of a wonderful story which has been running for 15 years, ever since CESVI – in 2001 – decided to take on an impossible challenge: to fight against AIDS in one of the most stricken countries, Zimbabwe.

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    2. Oranges against poverty

      Shashe is a small township in southern Zimbabwe, where the population is very poor and parents not only don’t have the resources to feed their children but are often forced to leave them to find work in more fertile territories. Today there is new hope for these families: a long term project which is setting up […]

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    3. Nicoli has overcome violence

      Nicoli is a young SouthAfrican mother with two children, Thabo and Magnolia. Since childhood she has lived in very difficult situations of violence, orphanages and years spent on the streets. Once grown up she continues to suffer because of a partner who, even though father of her children, abuses her violently. Nicoli can’t raise the […]

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