Setting up a project close to your heart means changing the life of a person, a family or a community for ever.

With Cesvi you can choose to adopt a row of orange trees in Zimbabwe, giving 50 seedlings to cultivate to a family in need of a source of income to be able to feed its children and send them to school.

In the deep south of Zimbabwe there is a small community called Maramani, where the population still lives in huts, without water or electricity. In this area the land is arid and barren, but prosperity is not impossible!

Thanks to the installation of an irrigation system which brings water from the nearby Shashe river, we have involved 272 families in cultivating oranges on 90 hectares of land!

Every family receives their own plot of land and 50 orange tree seedlings to grow, but to complete the project we still need your help.

By donating €500 you can adopt a row of oranges, giving 50 seedlings to a family that is still waiting to join the project

If you wish, the row of orange trees will have a plaque bearing the name you wish to commemorate, which can become a present to a loved one, an anniversary to be remembered in a special way or a gesture in memory of a dearly departed person.

Your special help will change into an important source of food and work for a Zimbabwean family and Cesvi will send you a photo and the story of the family you have helped.