Segafredo and Fondazione Zanetti Onlus with CESVI to give a smile to the children of the Manguinhos favelas in Brazil

“A smile for Brazil” is the solidarity initiative supported by Segafredo and the Zanetti Foundation Onlus to contribute to the House of Smile di Manguinhos of CESVI, in Rio de Janeiro, a meeting and welcoming place that has become a point of reference and a real oasis of serenity for all children and young people who come from violent backgrounds.


Agapanthus jewels dedicates a special edition to childhood protection

For the third year, Agapanthus has chosen to support the CESVI Foundation’s “Case del Sorriso” program with a new Christmas 2022 special edition bracelet. Strictly Made in Italy and in compliance with the ethical criteria of craftsmanship, Agapanthus jewels are made by expert artists from Lecco, who work gold in shades of pink, white and yellow, and reproduce the traditional goldsmith productions of the chisel, engraving with burin and fretwork.


UKRAINE: winter is putting the lives of millions at risk

To face the winter, CESVI is setting up 26 heating points for 20,000 people, heated structures where the population can take refuge to find comfort and receive blankets, food and hot drinks. The most urgent and relevant needs concern children under 3 years of age. We want to provide the population who have chosen to stay in Ukraine with basic necessities such as milk, energy bars, baby food for the little ones, biscuits, hot drinks and blankets.


The House of Smile program in the world

programma case del sorriso

On the occasion of the International Day for the Rights of the Child, CESVI wants to remember the years of activities and projects spent alongside children and young people in vulnerable conditions all over the world. Child protection has always been an important priority for us and thanks to your help we can assist thousands of children every day.


Tender Notice for the provision of Face to Face fundraising services 2023

Tender Notice for the provision of Face to Face fundraising services 2023.
CESVI is an international NGO operating in the field of international cooperation and humanitarian aid, with registered office in Italy, via Broseta 68/a, 24128 Bergamo. As part of its activities, CESVI needs to equip itself with a Face to face fundraising agency, in view of the acquisition of regular donors for the year 2023.
CESVI invites interested companies to submit an estimate for this announcement


Updates from Somalia: severe famine threatens women and children

CESVI has been intervening in Somalia since 2006, with the aim of contributing to the improvement of the living conditions of the populations affected by the humanitarian crisis and environmental shocks, in the regions of Lower Shabelle, Mudug, Galgadug and Hiraan and improving access to health services and nutritional essentials, promote knowledge of hygiene practices, as well as promote food security for populations affected by the crisis.


CESVI still on the front line to support Pakistan, devastated by the climate crisis

Pakistan alluvione

We at CESVI have been present in Pakistan since 2005, reaching more than 2.5 million beneficiaries. We have been operating in Sindh for years, where we help local communities and authorities to improve their disaster response capabilities with training activities aimed at improving crisis response capabilities. We have also arranged for the creation of river water monitoring systems that make it possible to control the level of watercourses and to prepare for the impact of floods, once the alert threshold has been reached.


Panettone: a corporate gift that symbolizes Christmas

panettone regalo aziendale

Panettone is a company gift that is always very popular for Christmas. One sweet, a symbol of the Italian culinary tradition.
Legend has it that, on Christmas Eve, the court of Ludovico il Moro was intent on celebrating with a rich dinner.
The head cook asked the young scullery boy Toni to check the baking of the cake in the oven, but a brief distraction from Toni was enough for the cake to no longer be served.


News from Cape Town

It is common, during the summer months, that CESVI cooperators engaged abroad spend a holiday in Italy and spend a few days at the Bergamo office for business meetings and greetings to colleagues. On one of these occasions Samuele Silva, CESVI contact person in South Africa, told the main news regarding Philippi’s Casa del Sorriso (not far from Cape Town), the CESVI project which aims to offer, as well as welcome and protection to young people mothers who are victims of domestic violence and their children, the possibility for them of a path of rebirth and redemption that also includes looking for a job and obtaining economic independence.