BEST, Bergamo Sport and Territory, a project for a healthy and safe sport

The BEST – Bergamo Sport and Territory -project is about to start. It has as protagonists ATS Bergamo, Volley Bergamo 1991, CESVI Foundation, Magic Mirror, and Bergamo Police Headquarters, and has as its objective the protection of children and is aimed at creating a child safeguarding policy in the field of volleyball. The work of […]


Pakistan, the consequences of the flood also affect food security

In Pakistan, the number of people affected by the floods continues to remain dramatic: 33 million, of which 7.9 million are internally displaced.
Even if the rainy season is drawing to a close, in the southern provinces the situation is still critical and there is indeed an increase in the water level in the flooded areas.


In Pakistan we are still in a state of emergency


In Pakistan, about 7.6 million people, almost half of whom are children, are displaced, are still in a state of emergency and are in need of help (OCHA, 2022). At least 23,900 schools have been damaged or destroyed by floods across the country, most of them in Sindh. Of those remaining, 5,500 are used as rescue camps.


Updates from the Houses of Smiles in India: resume normality and school routine in Tamil Nadu

casa del sorriso

India and, in particular, the Tamil Nadu area, experienced alternating and very serious phases also in 2022 regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. In particular, in the spring of 2022, the country proved to be a worrying basin of infections and deaths due to the Coronavirus, with consequences on the return to school and the return to normalcy in the following months.