Segafredo and Fondazione Zanetti Onlus with CESVI to give a smile to the children of the Manguinhos favelas in Brazil

“A smile for Brazil” is the solidarity initiative supported by Segafredo and the Zanetti Foundation Onlus to contribute to the House of Smile di Manguinhos of CESVI, in Rio de Janeiro, a meeting and welcoming place that has become a point of reference and a real oasis of serenity for all children and young people who come from violent backgrounds.

Through training courses, art workshops, social and educational support activities, these kids experience an alternative to life on the street. In this special meeting place, dreams come true through dance, music, drawing, painting, reading and sport. The children of Brazil thus learn that what matters is not simply to survive, but above all to study and build a future away from the favela and violence.

Until March 2023, with the purchase of each Segafredo product, it will be possible to contribute to the collection of funds that will be used to fix some spaces damaged by time and wear, to implement a safe transport service for children who do not reside in the Casa del Sorriso and buy some musical instruments for the art workshops.