CESVI generators have arrived in Bucha to supply heat and energy

In Ukraine, where temperatures have now reached -20° and the bombs and the war show no signs of abating, ten million people are without electricity and heating.

To alleviate this enormous discomfort and to help people who are currently suffering from the cold such as women, children, and the elderly who remain in their homes waiting for those who have enlisted and are at the front, CESVI acted promptly by setting up 11 heating points in the city of Bucha: heated places where you can find comfort, shelter together with a blanket, a hot drink, biscuits and baby food for the little ones and a socket to recharge your mobile phone and communicate with the rest of the family elsewhere.

Just today, the generators that will supply electricity to the heating points were delivered, making them warm and welcoming for the local population. Generators in Ukraine are practically unobtainable due to the very high demand due to continuous blackouts. We were able to purchase them thanks to the funds raised with the #UNACOPERTAPERLUCRAINA campaign which we promptly activated to deal with the cold emergency in Ukraine.

With this intervention, we estimate to bring warmth to over 20,000 people in the coming weeks, but there is still a lot to do: winter has just begun and temperatures continue to drop.

For this, we still need everyone’s support through the #UNACOPERTAPERLUCRAINA campaign, through which you can donate on gofundme.org and help the Ukrainian population in this harsh and dark winter.