The Prem Rawat Foundation with Cesvi to respond to the Ukraine Emergency

Following its support during the Coronavirus emergency, the earthquake in Haiti last year, and its support of the House of Smile in Peru, The Prem Rawat Foundation continues to stand by Cesvi in its efforts to respond to the current crisis in Ukraine.

“Prem Rawat and all of us at TPRF are deeply concerned about the humanitarian crisis unfolding in Ukraine. Friends of TPRF have offered exceptional support to provide critical aid for people suffering from this tragic war. Continued donations will increase the amount of humanitarian aid that TPRF can provide,” says Linda Pascotto, TPRF Board Chair.

The Prem Rawat Foundation’s support will allow us to intensify our efforts to provide basic necessities for refugees, including water, food, hygiene kits, medical supplies, sleeping bags, mattresses, insulated tents, and psychological support to overcome the trauma of war and flight.

“Thank you to everyone at The Prem Rawat Foundation for your generous support. We are honoured by your partnership and happy for the help that together we will be able to bring to the field where thousands of people are suffering,” says Roberto Vignola, Deputy General Manager of Cesvi.

For over a month now, Cesvi Foundation has been working uninterruptedly to bring support to the population hard hit by the war in Ukraine, with particular attention to people with special needs, such as children, women and the elderly. Thanks also to the support of The Prem Rawat Foundation, Cesvi is intervening in particular in Hungary, in the small border town of Záhony, where it has set up a reception tent that can accommodate up to 10,000 people a day and guarantee essential services; and in Romania, in Sighet, it is welcoming mothers and children, offering protection and care in a specialised centre. It also continues to assist internally displaced people in Ukraine by providing humanitarian aid.

Many thanks to the Prem Rawat Foundation for once again being at our side in support of those who suffer.

© Photo credits: Roger Lo Guarro