Gaza in the grip of hunger: our child nutrition intervention


Almost four months have passed since the outbreak of the bloody conflict between Hamas and Israel. The humanitarian situation in Gaza is dire, the population is at breaking point and the country is collapsing.

To date there are over 24,000 dead and 61,000 injured, and UNRWA estimates that almost 85% of Gaza’s population (1.9 million) is internally displaced. More than 500,000 people will no longer have a home to return to. On top of the brutality of war, shelling and armed attacks are the terrible consequences of such a tragedy: hunger and disease.

The entire population of Gaza (2.2 million people) is in critical food security conditions, more than 570,000 people are in dire straits, and more than 10,000 children are estimated to be suffering from child wasting soon. Tens of thousands are also pregnant women – over 50,000 – displaced without water, food or medical care; 180 give birth every day in extreme and unhygienic conditions, risking their own lives and those of their babies.

The most recent data show that virtually all families skip meals every day, and many adults go hungry to feed their children (CPIs).

In this extremely dramatic humanitarian context, we at CESVI are preparing to help save 80% of Gaza’s children suffering from acute malnutrition from starvation.

Children under the age of five are in grave danger from lack of water and food and, given the poor hygienic conditions, at high risk of diarrhoeal diseases, which, if not addressed immediately, would lead to their death. Furthermore, the conflict has disrupted the supply chain, limiting access to essential medical and nutritional products, such as ready-to-use therapeutic foods.

Through our intervention, we will provide urgent nutritional support over an eight-week cycle through the distribution of 18 tonnes of Plumpy’Nut, a special ready-to-use protein food used for the nutritional rehabilitation of children in emergency settings.

The distribution will take place in March.

The humanitarian situation is catastrophic. We reiterate the urgency of an unconditional and permanent ceasefire to bring aid to all people in need.

At this time of multiple emergencies in the world, help us support the weakest, such as children, affected by natural disasters, wars and conflicts: support our emergency fund and you will help us rebuild hope.