The House of Smile program in the world

programma case del sorriso

On the occasion of the International Day for the Rights of the Child, CESVI wants to remember the years of activities and projects spent alongside children and young people in vulnerable conditions all over the world. Child protection has always been an important priority for us and thanks to your help we can assist thousands of children every day.

In particular, Case del Sorriso is a CESVI program dedicated to children, adolescents and young women in situations of marginalization and hardship, aimed at promoting and realizing their fundamental rights. The program includes physical places where services are provided, the House of Smile, but also projects aimed at building paths of protection and making the people welcomed architects of their own future.

Like little João whose eyes sparkle every time he listens to music and who, thanks to our program which allows him to attend music lessons at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro Music School, was able to attend first time at the complete performance of an opera. This experience is an example of one of the many moments through which CESVI’s House of Smile program contributes to the human and cultural growth of foster children.

Or like Wharf slum dweller Jeremie Wilson who was transferred to the House of Smiles school (“known to be the best in the area, as well as free”), where he had to repeat the grade due to his low level. Here, the human approach of the teachers, the accompaniment of the educators and the harmony of the context made the difference and were his wings of freedom: “When I’m at the House of Smiles, it’s as if everything is left behind me, I feel at ease, finally free. Everyone is at our service, they listen to us and support us, even in the most difficult moments”.

Like them, thousands of other children are helped every day by our CESVI operators to face their difficulties and build a better future for themselves.

A program created to protect children and people in vulnerable situations, in which we take care of orphans, street children, abandoned minors, women and children victims of violence and exploitation, to offer answers to immediate needs and start building tomorrow.

You too can protect the life and health of girls and boys all over the world. Together we will give them the opportunity to build a better future.