Cesvi launches the online event “Changing future” on climate crisis

Join “Changing future” on November 12th at 5.45 pm, live on Cesvi Facebook and Youtube channels. “Changing future” is the first event within the international programme 1Planet4All.

Giampaolo Musumeci, Radio 24 journalist, and all the guests will talk about the complexity of climate change as a global threat and the ideas to tackle it effectively.

Young activists and operators from Italy, Palestine, Perù and Zimbabwe will share their experience and good practices to face climate emergency and to change a future which, with the worsening of the Covid-19 pandemic, seems to be already written.

Stefano Caserini, environmental engineer and science communicator, will explain how recovery funds could be an exceptional opportunity to increase jobs and for a national green transition, the only way for a real sustainable future.

It’s time to understand the effects of a changing climate and to rethink our model of production and consumption.

It’s time to act now.


Gloria Zavatta – Cesvi President


Celeste Righi Ricco – Climate Reality Project

Giulia Persico – Italian Climate Network

Roberta Bonacossa – Change for Planet

Stefano Caserini – Environmental engineer and science communicator

Laura Bertazzoni – Fridays for Future Italia

Lylen Albani – Campaigning and Volunteers Coordinator Cesvi

Daniele Guadagnolo – UNCTAD Youth

With the video contribution of:

Nyasha KariramombeCesvi Zimbabwe

Hanz Heinz – Cesvi Perù

Saad Zaabadi – Cesvi Palestine

Moderator: Giampaolo Musumeci – Radio 24 journalist

“Changing future” is part of the 1Planet4All project, co-funded by the European Union within the DEAR programme (Development Education and Awareness Raising) to mobilise young people from 12 European Countries by raising awareness on climate change and how our choices in the northern countries of the world can have a profound impact on developing countries.

Cesvi is partner of the European Network Alliance2015, set up in 2000 in the context of the Millennium Objectives, aims to combat world-wide poverty concretely and effectively, cooperating in the poorer countries with development programmes and promoting awareness campaigns in Europe aimed at the general public.