CESVI and Tvboy in Ukraine for a message of peace and hope

A child placing a sunflower in the barrel of a rifle; a yellow-blue dove clutching an olive branch in its beak; flowers growing in a military helmet; an elderly man walking hand in hand with a child, while the words ‘Hope’ and ‘Future’ are repeated like an auspicious mantra. These are some of the 15 works that appeared between 24 and 27 January 2023 in Buča and around the capital Kyiv, Ukraine, sadly becoming symbols of the war, which is approaching an anniversary we never imagined we would have to remember: a year of conflict.

Signed by Tvboy, the Italian urban artist who has always used his art as a socially useful tool to remind us of the importance of reflecting and asking questions on current issues. This time, to launch his message, alongside him are we of CESVI, active in Ukraine and the neighbouring countries since the outbreak of war, with interventions aimed at the civilian population.

A collaboration that wants to express a strong call for peace by giving a voice to the most vulnerable, but also a message of hope. The works created were placed in symbolic locations: Buča, Kyiv and Irpin’.

Two works, in particular, were placed in emblematic locations:

  • the first, ‘Kids are hope’, was installed in the Rainbow Kindergarten in Buča, reopened after CESVI restored the damage and destruction caused by the conflict. Thanks to this project, 300 boys and girls can again attend the school. Another 500 boys and girls benefited from CESVI’s intervention, which refurbished the rest areas of all kindergartens that had been occupied by Russian troops;
  • the second, ‘S. O. S.’, depicting a child warming himself with a brushwood fire, was placed in Buča near the first heating points to symbolise the emergency that CESVI has been facing in recent weeks, namely the cold. In fact, 11 heating points are being set up in Buča, heated structures where it is possible to find shelter from the cold, but also hot food and drinks, biscuits and baby food for the children, and electricity sockets for recharging phones. Decisive were the generators specially brought by CESVI to the country, where, because of the constant blackouts, devices are practically unobtainable.

“Only by visiting Ukraine, I have truly understood the strength and bravery of these people. To leave a sign of my passage through the streets of Kyiv, Buča and Irpin’, cities scarred by Russian attacks, is my personal tribute to the victims of this and all wars. The message contained in each artwork is one of rebirth and hope, in the hope that the conflict will come to an end as soon as possible. I thank the Italian NGO CESVI for involving me in this meaningful project and for standing by the most vulnerable every day,” said Tvboy.

“The Ukrainian population is going through an extremely difficult time, aggravated by the grip of cold that has descended on the country. One year after the start of the conflict, Tvboy’s action helps to keep the spotlight on the emergency that the Ukrainian people are still experiencing every day, in a hope of rebirth and hope,” commented Roberto Vignola, Deputy General Manager of CESVI.

© Photo credits: Fabrizio Spucches / CESVI