Best wishes from Cesvi

Auguri a tutti, in tutto il mondo, da parte di Cesvi.

Best wishes to all of you who stood by our side this year: our long-standing donors, but also who has just recently discovered the joy of donating; our staff in Italy and abroad, a precious resource who makes our intervention possible and effective; the partners who help us promoting our projects and our mission.

And finally, a special wish to the populations we cooperate with every day to build a different future.

Fight against hunger, universal health, protection of the most vulnerable populations and environmental conservation are not just our sectors of intervention, but also the challenges we need to face in order to create a fairer and more inclusive society: a society where everyone matters and have the same possibilities of personal fulfilment. A mission we promote thanks to the support of our allies.

The vision of a Planet as a safe home for every single person in the world: this is going to be our permanent goal for the future.


Best wishes to all, all over the world


Cover photo Roger Lo Guarro