Maryam’s new-found hope: the story of a life that begins anew

“My life was beyond hope. I was thrown into the street with my three children and I was expecting a child. I had lost my confidence, I would have likely taken my own life because of the psychological pressure I was under”. This is how Maryam, a 32-year-old Sudanese refugee and single mother of four, […]


Cesvi integrates a new resilience-focused approach in its protection services

Awareness session on GBV prevention held in Misrata

In 2020 alone and not considering the consequences of the global COVID-19 pandemic, 59 countries have been affected by humanitarian crises. In this scenario, the humanitarian community is called to play a role of utmost importance in crisis contexts around the world. It goes beyond the provision of life-saving assistance, to embrace a broader approach […]