Annual Report 2023

“In our latest Annual Report, we recount a year, 2023, during which CESVI expanded its operations globally, responding to unprecedented challenges such as world hunger, the climate crisis, and prolonged conflicts, which have brought humanitarian needs to record levels, primarily affecting the most vulnerable people, including children, women, and the elderly, in a context of growing poverty and persistent inequalities,” said Gloria Zavatta, President of CESVI.

In 2023, we intervened and operated in 27 countries with 127 projects, directly reaching over 1.7 million people worldwide, thanks also to the support of numerous donors who chose to stand by CESVI.

CESVI responded with determination to the global emergencies of 2023, from the devastation caused by earthquakes in Turkey and Syria to the one in Morocco, from floods in Libya to the wars in Ukraine and the Gaza Strip.

The unprecedented combination of the dire situation of global hunger, the climate crisis, and increasing and prolonged conflicts has exacerbated inequalities and intensified poverty, bringing humanitarian needs to record levels. In these scenarios of interconnected crises, the most vulnerable – children, women, and the elderly – always suffer the most severe consequences.

In response to these extraordinary challenges, CESVI intensified its global commitment in 2023, significantly expanding its operations. Particularly critical was the intensification of psychosocial support activities, vital for helping communities affected by natural disasters and conflicts to overcome long-term adversities. CESVI integrated this type of assistance with its other humanitarian and development initiatives, as demonstrated by the successes of the “Houses of Smiles” in location such as Haiti, Ethiopia, Pakistan, and now also in Italy. These safe spaces offer vulnerable children, adolescents, and adults the opportunity to grow, be heard, and embark on paths of empowerment.

In this context, CESVI staff continues to work with determination to address present challenges and promote sustainable development, mitigating the impacts of conflicts, climate crises, inequalities, and poverty. This commitment is guided by the new Global Strategy for the 2023-2027 five-year period, which directs all the organization’s activities toward the necessary change and the creation of a better future for all.

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Photo by Roger Lo Guarro