BEST, Bergamo Sport and Territory, a project for a healthy and safe sport

on 05/10/2022

The BEST – Bergamo Sport and Territory -project is about to start. It has as protagonists ATS Bergamo, Volley Bergamo 1991, CESVI Foundation, Magic Mirror, and Bergamo Police Headquarters, and has as its objective the protection of children and is aimed at creating a child safeguarding policy in the field of volleyball.

The work of the extraordinary team of public and private social entities in the Bergamo area provides for the development of a child safeguarding policy, consisting of procedures and training activities on multiple levels, inclusive of the whole company, from managers to technicians, from girls to their families, which can represent a solid tool for prevention, response, and management of any criticalities and related problems.

The first step will involve the launch of a co-design process aimed at developing a child safeguarding policy, a tool aimed at preventing, responding, and managing any criticalities and related problems.

The press conference will take place on 5 October from 11:00 to 12:30 at the ATS Bergamo headquarters.