In Pakistan we are still in a state of emergency


In Pakistan, about 7.6 million people, almost half of whom are children, are displaced, are still in a state of emergency and are in need of help (OCHA, 2022). At least 23,900 schools have been damaged or destroyed by floods across the country, most of them in Sindh. Of those remaining, 5,500 are used as rescue camps.


Updates from the Houses of Smiles in India: resume normality and school routine in Tamil Nadu

casa del sorriso

India and, in particular, the Tamil Nadu area, experienced alternating and very serious phases also in 2022 regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. In particular, in the spring of 2022, the country proved to be a worrying basin of infections and deaths due to the Coronavirus, with consequences on the return to school and the return to normalcy in the following months.


Charity night 2022: a great result for solidarity

Great success for the CESVI Foundation Charity night 2022 which was held on Thursday 15 September at Kilometro Rosso – Innovation District – in Bergamo and which collected 80,000 euros in donations to support the Case del Sorriso around the world, places where children who are victims of poverty, neglect and neglect can receive care, protection, and love.


Access to school at risk for our Haitian children

casa del sorriso haiti

One year after the earthquake last August, Haiti continues to deal with rampant poverty and growing security problems. At Wharf Jérémie, CESVI has established the Casa del Sorriso, a protected space whose purpose is to remove children from the streets and give them the opportunity to study, in a healthy, educational, and protective space for the benefit of the most fragile family situations.


5 months of war: Our response for the people of Ukraine

Five months after the outbreak of war in Ukraine, the situation in the country and its neighbouring countries continues to be very worrying. Currently, according to the United Nations, more than 6.1 million people have fled the war and found refuge in European countries, while internally displaced persons (IDPs) have reached 6.3 million – of […]


Annual Report 2021: Our response in an unprecedented world

A year – 2021 – marked by the persistence of the COVID-19 pandemic and the effects it is generating, triggering and exacerbating health, economic, social and environmental crises globally that are becoming increasingly complex and protracted. In this unprecedented world, CESVI’s commitment is further strengthened to continue promoting solidarity in the world. From CESVI’s Mission […]


Ukraine Emergency: Cesvi meets the authorities of the Kyiv Oblast

Cesvi Foundation, the first Italian NGO to meet the authorities of the Kyiv Oblast, reports the outcome of the first meeting held today in the regional administration building in Kyiv, first with General Olexander Pavliuk, Head of Kyiv Regional Military Administration, and Oleksii Kuleba, Head of Humanitarian Activities of the Kyiv Oblast. The meetings were […]