UKRAINE: winter is putting the lives of millions at risk

Help the people of Ukraine face the winter now!

In Ukraine, with collapsing energy and sanitation networks, winter is putting the lives of millions at risk. In addition to the emergency caused by the war and the pandemic, the country is facing one of the harshest winters, with temperatures forecast for the next few weeks of up to -20. The most fragile categories, such as women, children and the elderly, are increasingly at risk.

Now, the most dangerous enemy for the Ukrainians left in their destroyed homes is winter. In fact, 10 million people are without electricity and heating and temperatures could drop drastically, making the coming months even more unsustainable. About half of the entire population, about 21 million people in all, was left without electricity (WHO, 2022).

The WHO has so far calculated a total of 703 attacks that have undermined public health facilities since the start of the war, now 9 months ago. And the situation shows no sign of improving.

It is expected that 2-3 million people will leave their homes in search of a safe haven and less cold cities. By now the mothers of Kiev struggle to heat the milk for their children and to find warm spaces where to shelter even for a couple of hours a day.

Cities are in chaos, everyone is trying to escape and queues are forming at the few ATMs and fuel and water dispensers.

To face the winter, CESVI is setting up 26 heating points for 20,000 people, heated structures where the population can take refuge to find comfort and receive blankets, food and hot drinks.

The most urgent and relevant needs concern children under 3 years of age.

We want to provide the population who have chosen to stay in Ukraine with basic necessities such as milk, energy bars, baby food for the little ones, biscuits, hot drinks and blankets.

Help the Ukrainian people to face the harsh winter ahead.