EU Parliamentarians visiting Cesvi in Shufat

On 21 February 2017 a delegation of European Parliamentarians visited Cesvi’s activities about solid waste management in Shufat refugee project. The delegation walked in the narrow streets of the camp and met representatives of the community, sharing their experience and concerns.

Refugees were curious of this visit, and the delegation got an idea of the life in the camp, and the relevancy of waste management for the people. Great expectations are dedicated to the topic, considered the first priority by the community. Solid waste management is also one of the most relevant environmental challenges in Palestine, and Cesvi is one of the most active international organizations working on it.

Since April 2016 Cesvi has been working in Shufat refugee camp – the only refugee camp within the area of Jerusalem municipality. The activities aim at the “improvement of environment and hygiene conditions of the community of Shufat refugee camp” and are implemented by Cesvi in partnership with Overseas and the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugee in the Near East (UNRWA), with the financial contribution of the European Union.

In almost one year, a strong relation with the community-based organizations of the camp was established, and together we are developing a solid waste management plan through a specific participatory approach. Such a work will not only result in a more efficient waste collection and cleaner streets, but it will also increase people participation and engagement in the management of the camp.

A group of selected people are proposing messages to raise the community attention on the importance of environment and hygienic conditions and teachers, education specialists and civil society representatives will be trained about it. Immediately after, activities in schools and public events – like cleaning days – will be organized and a media campaign will raise the attention on the importance of people participation.