Annual Report 2022

“In our latest Annual Report, we recount a year, 2022, of activities aimed at responding effectively to sudden as well as protracted crises, to humanitarian needs that have reached unprecedented levels, and to tackling the root causes of hunger, conflict, climate crises, poverty and inequality” – Gloria Zavatta, President of CESVI.

2022 saw us intervene and operate in 26 countries with 122 projects, directly reaching more than 770,000 people around the world, also thanks to the help of many donors who chose to stand by CESVI.

In 2022, we at CESVI increased our response in Ukraine, starting in the days in the immediate aftermath of the Russian aggression. We intervened and are still intervening to address the most immediate needs, to provide psychological support, and to build new opportunities for children to return to school and resume a normal life.

Following the August 2022 floods in Pakistan that submerged a third of the country, with 33 million people affected and in need of humanitarian assistance, we at CESVI immediately responded with a multi-sectoral approach to address the most urgent needs, placing local communities, people and their needs at the centre.

Among the 26 countries in which we operate, also in Italy our experience has been necessary and fundamental in launching projects spread throughout our territory responding to a series of social issues that are intertwined with the ESG (environment, social and governance) goals of companies.

Our organisation was the first non-profit organisation to be awarded the Oscar di Bilancio by the Italian Public Relations Federation (FERPI) in 2000 and the only one to receive this recognition a second time (2011) and a third time (2017).

To find out more visit the Annual Report section of our website and download the full report here.

Photo by Xdynamix Media Communications / CESVI