Since 1990 Cesvi has used the same auditing procedures prescribed for the companies quoted on the stock exchange, delivering its financial statement to PricewaterhouseCoopers for audit, one of the most famous international companies in this sector.

Our organisation was the first non-profit association to win the Balance Sheet Oscar from the Italian Public Relations Federation (FERPI) in 2000, and the only one to win this recognition a second and a third time (in 2011 and 2017).

“We have been honoured three times for our commitment to continuous balance sheet innovation” explains Giangi Milesi, Past President of Cesvi, “we hope that, thanks to these awards, the attitude of the world of economists towards the non-profit sector will change, towards a more meritocratic logic. We have always maintained that good must be done well”

Cesvi’s reports are bilingual (Italian and English) and are in two parts: Mission Accounts – in turn divided into chapters on Identity, Governance, Objectives, Performance, Stakeholders – and Financial Accounts.