Since 1990 Cesvi has used the same auditing procedures prescribed for the companies quoted on the stock exchange, delivering its financial statement to PricewaterhouseCoopers for audit, one of the most famous international companies in this sector.

Our organisation was the first non-profit association to win the Annual Report Award – Oscar di Bilancio – from the Italian Public Relations Federation (FERPI) in 2000, and the only one to be awarded this recognition a second and a third time (in 2011 and 2017).

The Annual Report 2020 attests that Cesvi is operating in 23 countries worldwide, both in a humanitarian setting – with an emergency response to the sociosanitary crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and to extreme climate events and conflicts – and in a development setting, with programs aiming to tackle hunger, poverty and inequalities in strategic sectors such as health, rural development, civil society and governance, inclusive and sustainable growth and protection.

In 2020, we reached over 1 million and 700 thousand people in need worldwide through 97 projects and more than 39 million euros of collected funds. For each euro collected, 92 cents are directly delivered to project activities in the field of operations.

Cesvi’s 2020 Annual Report further structured the elements of novelty introduced in the previous report, to better represent the complexity of the approach for programs now divided by type and setting of intervention – humanitarian and/or development – and grouped according to the corresponding specific sectors.

Cesvi’s 2020 Annual Report is now written and published in two monolingual editions, Italian and English, and composed of two different sectionsAnnual Report – organised in the following chapters: Identity, Governance, Performance, Stakeholders – and Financial Statements.