Since 1990 Cesvi has used the same auditing procedures prescribed for the companies quoted on the stock exchange, delivering its financial statement to PricewaterhouseCoopers for audit, one of the most famous international companies in this sector.

Our organisation was the first non-profit association to win the Oscar di Bilancio from the Italian Public Relations Federation (FERPI) in 2000, and the only one to win this recognition a second and a third time (in 2011 and 2017).

“Despite the difficulties faced last year in terms of fundraising, also caused by a less favourable cultural attitude towards NGOs in general – states Daniele Barbone, CEO Cesvi – the Financial Report 2018 shows how our organisation keeps on working with dedication and reliability, consolidating its intervention within three main macro sectors – childhood, hunger, environment; but also continuing its intervention in the aftermath of humanitarian emergencies and devising new initiatives in different countries, Italy included”.

The Annual Report comprises five chapters: Identity, Governance and Objectives, Performance, Stakeholders.

The Annual and the Financial Reports are available in two languages, Italian and English.