#TheSmileOfWomen, Elena Mirò and CESVI together for the Casa del Sorriso in Cape Town

on 06/10/2022


The #TheSmileOfWomen project is also starting, together with Elena Miro ‘, thanks to which we are building the future of women in conditions of great fragility welcomed in our CESVI House of Smile in Philippi (Cape Town – South Africa).

Here, CESVI since 2007 aims to welcome women and children victims of violence and exploitation and provides them with the tools through which they can see their fundamental rights realized and aspire to a better future. In Cape Town, the Covid-19 pandemic has exposed a dramatic situation of gender-based and domestic violence against women. Philippi’s Casa del Sorriso is responsible for providing them with shelter, economic and health support, and training courses of various kinds that can have an immediate working impact. So far the women who have taken part in the project have managed to get out of the spiral of violence and marginalization in which they found themselves. They attended training courses, and in some cases, they found a job and were supported in the management of their children and their education. But above all, they have begun to hope for a better future and to smile again.

Specifically, the project with Elena Miro ‘will include awareness-raising and accompaniment activities for families, empowerment of women and training of new skills, health and well-being for women, sexual reproductive health services for adolescents and young people, and exchange with local realities dealing with gender-based violence.

#TheSmileOfWomen starts now and will last all of 2023 and will include, starting from November, the sale in stores of a capsule collection dedicated to CESVI: the proceeds from the sales will go to Philippi’s Casa del Sorriso, in Cape Town.

“Having an important brand like Elena Mirò alongside us, in the path of women’s emancipation, which has made inclusion one of the cornerstones of its mission, is a source of great pride for us” declares Roberto Vignola, Deputy General Manager of CESVI. “ When our values cross perfectly with those of a brand, important synergies are created capable of giving rise to projects capable of truly changing the path of many lives and many stories “.

The press conference will take place on Thursday 6 October from 10.30 to 12.00 at Elena Miro’s boutique, in via Dante, 4 in Milan.