Ukraine Emergency: human cost of violence becomes clearer by the day

emergenza ucraina

As the heavy fighting continues unabated, Cesvi is working tirelessly to bring its support to the hard-hit civilian population. In the government-controlled areas of the Donetska, Luhanska and Kharkivska oblasts in eastern Ukraine several cities, towns and villages are on the brink of a humanitarian catastrophe. The human cost of the violence is becoming more […]


Cesvi and Alliance2015 partners in support of the Ukrainian population

The international community’s condemnation of the Russian military attack on Ukraine is resounding. The attack is already worsening the existing difficult humanitarian situation, putting the lives of tens of millions of people in the affected areas at risk. As international humanitarian organizations, Cesvi Foundation and the partners of Alliance2015 – the globally active European network […]


Haiti: the emergency following the earthquake

haiti emergenza

A devastating earthquake – with a magnitude of 7.2 – has hit Haiti. The earthquake took place 12 km northeast of Saint-Louis du Sud, in an area where for many years Cesvi has been fighting against famine and malnutrition with agricultural project, the construction of water supply systems and food security interventions. Our colleagues and […]


A new life stems from education in Iraq

The prolonged conflict in Iraq between government forces and their allies on one side and the so-called Islamic State (ISIS) on the other, has left a devastating legacy. It is not just a matter of damages to infrastructures and services, but also and above all, of injuries on people’s minds and hearts. Even in those […]