United against Coronavirus to protect the elderly people

on 19/03/2020

Because of the Covid-19 emergency, thousands of elderly people (+65) are living in hard times. Most of them are lonely and vulnerable. For this reason, Cesvi is contributing to take care of those in need that live in Bergamo and Milan.

Although Coronavirus is endangering the life of for the vast majority of the population: it is particularly risky for people over 65. In order to protect this group, the Italian government have asked them to stay at home and to avoid any social contact. Unfortunately, the isolation causes loneliness for many elderly people who are not able to lead their daily activities such as going out to buy essentials or meeting with their friends and relatives.

That is why Cesvi has committed to take care of these thousands of elderly people in the cities of Bergamo and Milan.


Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic in Italy, Bergamo has been dramatically affected by the virus (+ 2,000 infected), but several hundred thousand of older people live in this province, isolated and needed to be supported.

In collaboration with the Social Policies Department of Municipality of Bergamo and the consortium Solco Città Aperta and Ribes, Cesvi is

  • reinforcing services among elderly people;
  • increasing the number of personal safety devices;
  • supporting vulnerable people, isolated or in health emergency conditions with basic services;
  • coordinating local organizations and volunteers in monitoring and helping the most in need (elderly, disables, isolated people). They will be operating under the coordination of Cesvi Emergency Team, a group of professionals used to work in emergency contexts all over the world.

Cesvi is helping about 1,500 beneficiaries in Bergamo city, Gorle and Orio al Serio (province of Bergamo).


In Milan the people over 65 are 317,663 (22.8% of resident population), so there is a serious danger for these people in terms of increasing in cases.

Cesvi and its partner Spazio Aperto are taking part to the initiative Milano Aiuta (Milano helps) launched by the Social Policies Department of Municipality of Milan.

The project We come to you aimed at providing home assistance for lonely elderly people in Milan in order to decrease their sense of isolation and avoid marginalization.

Cesvi is working in Municipality 6 in Milan to assist all people in need with the help of different professional figures like social workers, family assistants and social custodians.

In Bergamo and Milan, Cesvi’s activities are:

  • Supporting the self-reliance of the elderly people in order to keep them independent and able to go on with their normal life as much as possible;
  • Helping them with family assistants who can provide food, drugs or any other thing that they might need. The family assistant will also take care of elderly people with particular social or economic needs;
  • Monitoring and supporting through the social custody: a service to help the elderly people at home in order to avoid loneliness and isolation, mostly for people in vulnerable conditions.

Also because of you, if we stand united, everything’s going to be alright!

 You can help us take care of elderly people in need in Bergamo and Milan:

  • Donate online here
  • Donate by Bank transfer to Cesvi Bank account Cesvi EMERGENZE:  IT92R0311111299000000000095
  • Take part to the crowdfunding campaign on Gofundme platform here
  • Donate by phone calling 800 036 036 (credit card).