Panettone: a corporate gift that symbolizes Christmas

panettone regalo aziendale

Panettone is a company gift that is always very popular for Christmas. One sweet, a symbol of the Italian culinary tradition.

Legend has it that, on Christmas Eve, the court of Ludovico il Moro was intent on celebrating with a rich dinner.

The head cook asked the young scullery boy Toni to check the baking of the cake in the oven, but a brief distraction from Toni was enough for the cake to no longer be served.

Fearing the reaction of the head cook, Toni decided to find an alternative solution: to the leftover dough of the previous dessert he added eggs, butter, candied fruit and raisins.

The whole court was delighted by this new dessert, so much so that even today in the Milanese dialect the panettone is called “el pan de Toni”.

Panettone has always been the symbol of Christmas, its soft and enveloping taste makes us feel like children again and makes us feel all the warmth of the holidays.

The company panettone: a symbol of solidarity

With the CESVI solidarity panettone this year you will not only give the warmth of the holidays to collaborators, employees, customers and suppliers, but you will contribute significantly to all the projects that CESVI carries out in 22 countries around the world, intervening in the most serious emergencies, in fight against change, fame, poverty and the protection of children.

With the supportive panettone you do well twice! Do good to those who receive it and do good to all the people that CESVI supports every day so that, free from hunger and poverty, they can appropriate their own life, becoming its protagonists.

Stand out for taste, style and solidarity

Artisanal processing, natural leavening for over two days with pure sourdough sourdough, slow cooling and first choice ingredients make the CESVI panettone a delight of the past: 750gr. of classic panettone, soft and delicate, soft, rich in fragrant candied fruit and sweet sultana raisins.

CESVI offers products of great Italian quality which, together with the supportive aspect, are distinguished by style and taste. Personalize the panettone with your company logo and your message of good wishes and hope for the new year.

Other corporate gift ideas

Find out how to enrich your company gift by donating a corporate Christmas basket with panettone and brut sparkling wine, fresh and fragrant wine, ideal to accompany traditional leavened sweets and desserts at the end of the meal.

Impress with the Christmas chest, an elegant idea to make your Christmas thought even more distinctive.

Do you want to surprise with a non-traditional idea? Go for Christmas pralines! A nice Christmas ball filled with delicious hazelnut boules. An idea to wish Merry Christmas in a nice and out of the ordinary way.

All CESVI solidarity products can be customized with your company logo.

Do you want to contribute in a special way? write to [email protected] or call 348 71.18.508 to receive personalized assistance.