Our intervention in the areas affected by the earthquake

CESVI together with the partners of Alliance2015 is intervening in the areas affected by the earthquake to face the emergency.

In Türkiye, thanks to Concern, we are completing a needs assessment in the locations where we were already operational: Sanliurfa, Gaziantep, Adiyaman, Malatia.

At the moment we are focusing on providing aid to the collective reception centers made available by Türkiye where the displaced and the neediest have found themselves. We are distributing food, blankets, and comfort items.

We have also launched an initial response in Sanliurfa by setting up a camp with tents and distributing hygiene kits, blankets, and towels against the cold and water.

In Syria, we have currently started distributing aid in the northeast of the country with a local partner and making an assessment of the most urgent needs. The borders with Türkiye are difficult and one of our emergency teams could leave Lebanon to reach the affected areas.

The Syrian context is particularly vulnerable due to the results of the long war. In addition to a large number of injured, the health situation and the shortage of everything are worrying.

Support the local population affected by this dramatic catastrophe with us.

Donate now and support our emergency response. Your help is urgent and vital.