IV edition of Terra Madre Balkans

This summer, in Tirana, Albania, there was organized the fourth edition of “Terra Madre Balkans” in the framework of ESSEDRA, an important project co-financed by the European Union and Slow Food.

About 350 delegates from 13 places of the Balkans (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Cyprus, Kosovo, Monte Negro, The Republic of Macedonia, Rumania, Serbia, Turkey, Italy and Albania) joined this wonderful event, where the main focus was the promotion of new sustainable models of the rural development under the slogan “Farmers on the Top!”.

In this event Cesvi gave its most valuable contribute, staying at the stand of the Italian Cooperation, presenting and showing brochures and information about the projects: B.K.Z (Bread, Salt and Heart) financed by MAE (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Italy) and applied in the district of Përmet; DevOPS financed  by IADSA and implemented in the district of Skrapar, RISE-OP financed by IADSA and applied in the district of Përmet.

Furthermore, Cesvi Albania sustained the “Pro Përmet Consorcium” and “Slow Food Përmet Convivium” which presented the typical and traditional products of the district of Përmet.