Cyclone Idai: our response to the emergency

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Cyclone death toll is 492, while the number of internally displaced and homes completely destroyed continues to grow. Cesvi and Alliance2015 are ready to bring humanitarian aid to the population affected by Cyclone Idai in Namathanda district.

“The signs of the disaster are devastating; however the population is reacting and this is an excellent signal” – says Pietro Fiore, member of Cesvi Emergency Team, currently engaged in Mozambique. “Housing and sanitation still represent an emergency. Together with Alliance2015, we are about to start distributing mosquito nets, hygiene kits and shelters for 5,000 families in the Namathanda district, where all the rural production, including the one we boosted through our projects,  have been completely swept away“.

Cesvi and Alliance2015 are also organizing a distribution of seeds so as to resume the agricoltural production and guarantee an harvest within three months.

Cesvi will also rehabilitate 4 warehouses which were completely destroyed by the cyclone. These  will be available to store materials for the emergency, ensuring a fundamental logistical contribution to humanitarian intervention.

“We are ready to support 30,000 people in the Namathanda district, but the numbers of the disaster are much higher” is the heartfelt appeal of Daniele Barbone, CEO of Cesvi. “We need everyone’s contribution to reach as many people as possible, to alleviate their suffering and help them to restart their life”.

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Photo by Kieran McConville/Concern