Cesvi launches a new charity initiative to support Bergamo Hospital and the population in Bergamo and Milan

In collaboration with Cristina Parodi, Cesvi’s ambassador, Cesvi is raising funds for Papa Giovanni XIII Hospital and the elderly in the cities of Milan and Bergamo.

Since February, Italy has been experiencing a dramatic health emergency because of Coronavirus (Covid-19). The disease hit both the population and the national health system very seriously: Italy is the second worst affected country after China.

So far, more than 10. Currently in Lombardy there are more than 7,200 infected people, among them 2,136 in Bergamo and 1,100 in Milan.

It’s time to support our health facilities to tackle the emercency situation: we want to help Papa Giovanni XIII Hospital in Bergamo – an international excellence – continue the activities at its best.

“Bergamo hospital is facing an unprecedented situation and it needs our support to assist all people in need – as Cristina Parodi explained – Other people in the show business, like Michelle Hunziker, Paola Turani and Sofia Goggia, entrepreneurs and citizens are helping Cesvi charity initiative to raise funds for Bergamo hospital and the people between Milan and Bergamo living in Coronavirus affected area.”

Cesvi is mostly concerned about elderly over 65, vulnerable people who may be severely affected by Covid-19.

“Cesvi was founded in Bergamo and it works in the most serious humanitarian emergency in the world. Now we are facing an emergency in our own country, particularly in Lombardy as the worst-affected region. So, in coordination with local authorities and associations, we are in the front line to provide expertise and assistance to the most fragile population, like elderly +65” Gloria Zavatta, Cesvi’s president, said.

In collaboration with Cooperativa Spazio Aperto Servizi, Cesvi is launching the project “We come to you” on home assistance for lonely elderly people in Bergamo and Milan.

You can help us fight Coronavirus in Italy in many ways:

  • Donate online here
  • Donate by Bank transfer to Cesvi Bank account: Cesvi EMERGENZE:  IT92R0311111299000000000095
  • Take part to the crowdfunding campaign on Gofundme platform here
  • Donate by phone calling 800 036 036 (credit card)