CHS Alliance launches the Humanitarian Accountability Report (HAR) 2020

from 06/10/2020 to 06/10/2020

As a member of the CHS Alliance, Cesvi is committed to making aid work better for crisis-affected people. Along with more than 150 other leading aid organisations that form the Alliance, we are excited to share news of the launch of a landmark study – the Humanitarian Accountability Report (HAR) 2020. The HAR 2020 presents an evidence-based overview of how accountable the aid sector really is to people caught up in crises across the world.

The HAR 2020 reveals that, although many dedicated aid organisations are making significant progress on vital accountability issues that the sector has been tackling for decades, the sector is not yet seeing system-wide acceleration towards a transformative approach that gives communities and people affected by crisis strategic influence over aid. To accelerate the pace of change, the HAR 2020 finds that committed aid organisations need to harness the power of the multiplier effect; they must intensify their efforts on three cross-cutting actions that raise the standard of aid across the board:

  1. Engage crisis-affected people: strive for the Participation Revolution we committed to.
  2. Maximise knowledge and information: in the information age, the humanitarian system needs to get up to speed.
  3. Adapt flexibly to meet current needs: organisations need to adjust rapidly to changing contexts.

Cesvi is ready to undertake all needed actions to respond to these new challenges and to participate in such collective efforts.

“Today we lay down a challenge to the aid sector,” said CHS Alliance Executive Director Tanya Wood at the HAR 2020 launch event. “The HAR 2020 shows that dedicated aid organisations can tackle the toughest barriers to delivering accountability commitments made to crisis-affected people; but they need the right tool – the CHS – and they cannot do it alone. We need a critical mass of organisations, including NGOs, donors, UN agencies and networks to apply and recognise the CHS in concert to effect real, urgent change. I urge every humanitarian committed to making aid work better for people affected by crisis to read, debate and share the findings of HAR 2020. Together, we can meet our commitments and Raise the Standard of our work.”

Full report findings and recommendations can be accessed on the CHS Alliance website. Read, debate and share the HAR 2020 with all your partners committed to making aid work better for people affected by crisis.