CESVI launches the new “Zero in Condotta” project


The objective of the initiative “Zero in Condotta: information actions conducted by young people, teachers and citizens towards the reduction of environmental impact”, co-financed by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (AICS) and which sees CESVI as the leader, is to provide tools and new spaces for dialogue to the actors of formal and informal education.


Access to school at risk for our Haitian children

casa del sorriso haiti

One year after the earthquake last August, Haiti continues to deal with rampant poverty and growing security problems. At Wharf Jérémie, CESVI has established the Casa del Sorriso, a protected space whose purpose is to remove children from the streets and give them the opportunity to study, in a healthy, educational, and protective space for the benefit of the most fragile family situations.


A new life stems from education in Iraq

The prolonged conflict in Iraq between government forces and their allies on one side and the so-called Islamic State (ISIS) on the other, has left a devastating legacy. It is not just a matter of damages to infrastructures and services, but also and above all, of injuries on people’s minds and hearts. Even in those […]