The Prem Rawat Foundation with CESVI to respond to the Earthquake Emergency in Turkey and Syria

Earthquake Emergency

TPRF, once again, alongside CESVI to give support to those who need it most and in particular, now, to the people affected by the earthquake last February 6th, in Syria and Turkey.

CESVI mobilized in the aftermath of the earthquake tremors, together with Alliance 2015 Partners, to cope with the terrible disaster and collaborate in the first relief efforts. Today CESVI, hanks to the support of major donors such as TPRF, has structured an action plan that includes support in Turkey to teh communities to provide an immediate response to people’s needs through the distribution of life-saving aid, the upgrading of sanitation services to prevent the spread of epidemics, and the activation of a mental health program and psychosocial support for children and adults.

Also in Syria, interventions are underway in camps and collective centers in Idleb and Aleppo to provide access to essential services. At this stage, it is crucial to intervene on infrastructure both inside and outside the camps and to distribute emergency shelter kits, hygiene kits and kitchen sets.

“We at CESVI are deeply grateful for having–once again–TPRF at our side to respond to this humanitarian catastrophe. Thanks to the precious support of TPRF and its donors, CESVI is going to provide life-saving aid to thousands of vulnerable people by distributing tents, blankets and warm clothes,” says Roberto Vignola, CESVI Deputy General Manager. “Moreover, CESVI is going to support the people in need of psychosocial assistance due to the heavy trauma caused by the earthquake, the loss of their loved ones and days and nights spent under the rubble.”

Thank you once again to TPRF for trusting CESVI’s work that allows us to intervene in a concrete and immediate way to hundreds of children, women men that together we have helped.

© Photo credits: Fabrizio Spucches / CESVI