Annual Report 2021: Our response in an unprecedented world

A year – 2021 – marked by the persistence of the COVID-19 pandemic and the effects it is generating, triggering and exacerbating health, economic, social and environmental crises globally that are becoming increasingly complex and protracted. In this unprecedented world, CESVI’s commitment is further strengthened to continue promoting solidarity in the world.

From CESVI’s Mission to its daily practice through interventions in 22 countries, the Annual Report is the story of a year of activities. This year, which has been definitively drawn up in compliance with the Reform of the Third Sector also for the Economic Balance Sheet schemes, marks a fundamental step in the path that started two years ago.

There are 113 emergency and/or development projects on 4 continents to respond to the emerging and protracted crises of these times, which have directly involved more than 2.3 million adults and children.

To respond increasingly and effectively to the economic difficulties generated by the pandemic, and at the same time, in the ever-growing drive towards the ‘localisation and decolonisation of aid’, CESVI has promoted and defined cascade funding mechanisms as an essential tool to facilitate local actors’ access to institutional funds. The Bergamo Renaissance Programme is an example of this. Carried out in close collaboration with the Municipality of Bergamo and Intesa Sanpaolo, it has supported over 4,000 small entrepreneurs, professionals and local associations with €25 million in funding, of which €10 million in non-repayable grants. “The speed of the intervention, its flexibility and the concrete support given to individuals to access the contributions, have restored confidence and allowed a recovery of the city’s economy put to the test by the lockdowns and the pandemic containment measures,” states Gloria Zavatta, President of CESVI, in her introductory letter to the Annual Report 2021. “CESVI has worked together with the three fundamental actors – the public administration, private enterprise and the third sector – […] bringing the qualifying elements of its work in the world – timeliness, transparency and accountability – to generate change and the direct participation of vulnerable people, the beneficiaries of our projects”.

CESVI’s commitment to the fields of Rural Development, Inclusive and Sustainable Growth, Protection, Health and Civil Society and Governance has continued to grow stronger in the various countries where it operates, from Haiti to Kenya, from Pakistan to Uganda, from Zimbabwe to Iraqi Kurdistan, with interventions aimed at supporting processes of economic and social development, as well as protection from all forms of violence. “Our Houses of Smile programme has been a real landmark in protecting children and women in the pandemic and addressing the structural causes of poverty and inequality,” she points out.

“2021 saw new conflicts and the worsening of existing ones, first and foremost Myanmar, Haiti, Afghanistan, Somalia, Ethiopia. In Afghanistan, CESVI returned to operation after more than 10 years of experience that ended in 2017. The renewed commitment in the country, in the border areas and the region – with the start-up of operations in Iran and the growing and confirmed commitment in Pakistan – is making it possible to respond in a concrete way to the needs of the most vulnerable who, besides the direct consequences of the fighting, have been affected in their access to basic services, work and protection, maintaining the integrated multi-sectoral approach that CESVI has always adopted,” adds Piersilvio Fagiano, CESVI’s General Manager. It is with this spirit that in 2021 CESVI has strengthened its commitment to respond to emergencies in favour once again of the most vulnerable, women, children and the excluded.

Operating with the utmost integrity and honesty, respecting and promoting ethical principles, legality, fairness and social responsibility, is the commitment that CESVI continues to maintain and strengthen in its structure and activities.

Thanks to its pragmatism and the constant analysis and evaluation of its work, CESVI has faced and continues to provide answers and help in the face of new and growing critical issues, also thanks to the strength of those who believe in CESVI, of the donors at its side and of the people who every day and in every corner of the world continue to work promoting solidarity in the world because “an unprecedented world requires unprecedented answers.”

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