Earthquake in Central Italy: distribution of school kits

While the ground is still shaking in the areas hit by the quake on the 24th of August, people try to regain some degree of normality in the tents set up by the Department of Civil Protection.

After last weekend assessment, yesterday two emergency experts of Cesvi reached Central Italy again.

“The deputy mayor of Arquata del Tronto confirmed the need of school materials. We will distribute these materials very soon in order to finish before the 15th of September when schools reopen” – says Lorena D’Ayala Valva, Cesvi’s emergency coordinator.

“We talked with local teachers and prepared with them a list of materials for the students of Arquata del Tronto and Montegallo. We will distribute school kits for about 100 children containing school bags, notebooks, pencils, markers, geographic maps and other materials”.

“It is important to distribute cleaning products for schools and personal hygiene products for children too” – explains Lorena – “We are also considering the possibility to provide some school services to satisfy the most urgent needs”.

“We also visited Amatrice, Accumuli and Illica where the situation is very dramatic. We are regularly in contact with the representatives of the Civil Protection and other organizations on the ground. A good coordination is crucial to give an integrated and effective response”, concludes Lorena.


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