“Young people are not containers to be filled, but torches to be lit” wrote Plutarch.

Cesvi has always paid a lot of attention to the awareness of young people as the citizens of today and tomorrow, in attempting to spread a culture of solidarity and to offer them tools for cultural change. The aim is to give them a leading role in a future of equitable and sustainable development.

Cesvi’s awareness campaigns aim to inform and stimulate direct participation by Italian and European civil society to the end that discussion and action on eliminating hunger go beyond single citizens to reach businesses, journalists, manufacturers, politicians and decision makers in both Italy and the European Union. In fact today’s education leads to tomorrow’s social change.

With the Food Right Now campaign we talk to a wide public through awareness initiatives, educational and advocacy activities, creating knowledge and awareness on questions of hunger in the world and contributing to making citizens become active and responsible.

What can you do together with Cesvi? Find out how to become a Cesvi activist, help us spread awareness to other people by sharing the knowledge you have acquired on the subject. Share our information material, speak at school, at work, in your family and with your friends; join in our events and organise some yourself; invite us to your school or that of your children; become a mouthpiece for our campaigns on social networks; take part in our projects.

What can everyone do? Each one of us can get moving to play a part in the fight against hunger in the world, every day. In our daily life we have to make various sorts of choices which, if made wisely, can help preserve our planet and its resources. We can start by reducing food wastage, which uselessly reduces the available hydrological, agricultural and energetic resources, raising prices and creating problems for the poorer peoples of the world. Without mentioning the constant increase in refuse, which suffocates our planet with disastrous consequences for the environment, mankind and the animal kingdom. One solution to the problem comes from the “three R’s” principle: Reduce waste, consumption and hence refuse; Recycle by separating out our refuse; Recycle and reutilise everything possible.

Start now, save the world together with us!