Cesvi is to deliver more than 670,000 individual protective devices and urgent medical equipment for Bergamo

Italy has the second most Covid-19 cases in the world with 97,689 infected people so far.

Lombardia is the Italian region with the highest number of cases and Bergamo is the worst affected city with more than 8,000 infected people and hundreds of deads.

The health facilities in Bergamo, first of all Papa Giovanni XXIII Hospital, are overwhelmed by the high number of critically ill patients. General practictioners and retirement homes need personal protective equipment in order to get on with their important job safely; the most vulnerable categories of the population need a support, starting from their basic needs.

Since the beginning of the emergency, Cesvi has been working to face the Coronavirus outbreak launching a charity initiative to raise funds for Papa Giovanni XXIII Hospital, and other health facilities, and to support elderly over 65, the most vulnerable people.

Thanks to citizens, companies and VIPs and ambassador Cristina Parodi, the promoter of the initiative, Cesvi is now able to help people faster and more effectively.

Most of the funds have been used to give individual protective equipment to health workers in Papa Giovanni XXIII Hospital, Alpine Field Hospital (opening soon) and retirement homes in Bergamo’s territory.

Over 670,000 personal protective equipment are in delivery, such as: polycarbonate visors, goggles, overlapping polycarbonate glasses, filtering masks FFP2, filtering masks FFP3 with valve surgical/filtering masks, reinforced waterproof scrubs, gloves, visors, medical footwear.

Other orders are on the way: vital health devices to treat Coronavirus patients such as ventilation unit HY28 (portable emergency one), a Cardiohelp System with Getinge backup and a mobile CAT (computed axial tomography).

Many thanks to the people working with us to support Bergamo and all the affected population.

However the emergency is still very serious and we need everyone’s support!

You can help us fight Coronavirus emergency in Italy in many ways:

  • Donate online here
  • Donate by Bank transfer to Cesvi Bank account: Cesvi EMERGENZE: IT92R0311111299000000000095
  • Take part to the crowdfunding campaign on Gofundme platform here
  • Donate by phone calling 800 036 036 (credit card)