CESVI was the first non-profit association to win the Balance Sheet Oscar from the Italian Public Relations Federation for transparency in 2000, and the only one to win this recognition a second and a third time (in 2011 and 2017).

Transparency is, and has always been, part of CESVI’s DNA.

First and foremost, transparency towards individual and public donors, without whose support our organisation couldn’t operate. Every year CESVI publishes the Annual Report and Financial Balance sheet – certified by an independent auditor – available for anyone who wants to see how, where and with what results the funds received have been invested.

But transparency towards our beneficiaries also exists, an area of excellence which has earned CESVI the trust of the local communities, and important approval from international donors. This means offering our beneficiaries appropriate tools and opportunities for a meeting of minds on our projects so that they can suggest improvements and corrective action.

The active participation of the local community in the problems to be faced and resolved not only favours a swifter recovery from the traumas and the calamities suffered, but above all contributes to create a local capacity to prevent and mitigate them if they arise again.

CESVI’s intention, then, is to foster a shared approach, against the logic of a cooperation that starts from “needs” to simply transfer help from rich to poor countries, placing the organisations on a higher plane than the local populations.