Takunda was born free. He is the protagonist of a wonderful story which has been running for 15 years ever since Cesvi – in 2001 – decided to take on an impossible challenge: to fight against AIDS in one of the most stricken countries, Zimbabwe.

Takunda was born at the same time that Cesvi’s adventure started at Saint Albert, a tiny hospital lost in the savannah. In a region where one woman in three is HIV-positive and has little hope of surviving. Something was already changing, however, by the time Takunda was born: thanks to the pharmacological trials introduced for the first time by Cesvi, Safina, his mother, could receive treatment and psychological support, essential to the life of the child she was carrying.

So it was that on May 9th 2001 the child was born who was destined to become the symbol of Cesvi’s commitment against AIDS in Africa: Takunda, whose name in the Shona language means “we have won”. Six months later the HIV test confirms the good news: Takunda was born free from AIDS in spite of his mother being HIV-positive.

Today he is an energetic youth studying with great passion in the secondary school. Safina has become a nurse in Saint Albert’s hospital and in 2012 gave Takunda a little sister.