CESVI is a secular and independent organisation working for worldwide solidarity. In the system of values that guide CESVI, social justice and solidarity are transformed into activities of humanitarian aid and development.

In the acronym CESVI, the words Cooperation C Emergency E Development SVI underline the nature of the action of the organization: the centrality of people and the achievement of their aspirations.

CESVI operates with the strong belief that the aid to most vulnerable populations, those in

extreme poverty or struck by war, natural calamities and environmental disasters, contributes to the well-being of everyone on the planet, a shared home to be preserved for future generations.

CESVI’s interventions to support the most vulnerable people throughout the world cover in continuity the emergency responses, rehabilitation and pathways towards sustainable development. Anchored in lived experience on the ground, CESVI is committed to influencing change it promotes, at national, European and international level.

CESVI operates with:

  • Impartiality: works to serve the needs of others, regardless of gender and sexual orientation, ethnicity, culture or religion, but based on the needs of the most vulnerable: children, women and the marginalised.
  • Quality, economic solidity and transparency: improves and assesses its impact and enhance quality of its accounting; strengthens relations with public and private donors; certifies/makes public the results of its operations also through the social and economic reporting.
  • Efficiency and innovation: acts and assesses in all circumstances the adequacy, effectiveness and efficiency of its efforts, with a flexible and innovative approach.
  • Responsibility and Merit: recognises the needs, merits and aspirations of people and all actors involved in the organisation’s activities.
  • Partnership culture works and strengthens partnerships with public and private entities that contribute to humanitarian aid and cooperation and with local communities, working together with their civil society organisations.

Even in 2022, CESVI kept on working on its accountability systems, aiming at making internal methods and procedures more efficient, enhancing transparency and quality of its action and accounting.

CESVI, in the project sector, is committed to realising clear and accessible systems of feedback and warning reception and management. The system of feedback and warning reception at the project level is integrated with CESVI’s system of warning management (both internal and external) concerning accidents, malfunctioning and violations, in addition to behaviours considered unfair. In fact, CESVI has three active thematic channels for warnings (Prevention of Fraud and Corruption, Safeguarding and Code of Conduct) and a Whistleblowing channel. They are always accessible and confidential to safeguard the organizational accountability and the Foundation’s integrity.