Cesvi does not discriminate in any way on the basis of nationality, gender, political and sexual orientation, age (with the due exception of minors).

In this section an updated list of recent openings (jobs & internships), in Italy and overseas, is available.

For those who wish to apply, each vacancy specifies in detail the position and the requirements needed, in accordance with the desired profile and the country of destination.

In order to improve the selection process generic applications will not be considered. Unless otherwise stated, only online applications linked to a specific job offer published on Cesvi website will be taken into account.

Due to urgency in the selection the vacancy may be closed prior to the deadline. Cesvi HR Dept. recommends to all interested candidates to apply promptly.

The selection process involves a minimum of two interviews with the HR Officer in charge and the Desk Officer responsible for the country. On particular occasions, due to environmental complexities and/or to the nature of the researched profile, a psychologist could be involved in the process.

Interviews aim at deepening mutual knowledge. Correspondence between the required profile and the candidate will be duly assessed, specifically addressing and evaluating: motivation, expectations, technical skills – linguistic and professional – and personal skills (i.e. problem solving, flexibility, planning, teamwork, initiative and result orientation).

Candidates with a positive evaluation after the interviews will be admitted to the last stage of the selection process: the reference check with former/current employers. To this end Cesvi HR Dept. strongly recommends to include in the curriculum 2 to 3 professional contacts (names, email and phone number) authorized to provide information on former/current professional experiences.

In order to safeguard its collaborators, Cesvi has introduced a health procedure in accordance with “TU 81/08”, the national Legislation that regulates safety in the workplace. This provides for blood tests and a medical examination prior to departure. Ultimately, following the indications of Cesvi qualified M.D., a series of compulsory vaccinations for all expatriates (employees, interns, volunteers) have been defined and are to be duly documented during recruitment and selection:

  • Tetanus
  • Diptheria
  • Hepatitis B
  • Typhoid

Depending on the country of destination and on the length of the stay, cholera, yellow fever, meningococcal, rabies vaccinations and the anti-malaria prophylaxis may also be considered.