Voluntary work is not just an individual act.

On the contrary, every voluntary experience is a chance to build networking, to meet new people and to share the most precious moments of a common ideal.

Over the years many Cesvi volunteers have decided to set up a group of volunteers in their home town because they have discovered that working as a team can make their action even more effective and important.

This is how “Friends of Cesvi” started: groups of volunteers who give a part of their free time or professional skills to solidarity initiatives in support of our organisation.

For instance, the Friends of Cesvi in Bergamo group of volunteers threw down the challenge for solidarity “It’s raining kisses” in 2011, which from then on has become an annual appointment, copied in other cities too. If at least 100 people exchange kisses during the evening the hosting locale donates part of the takings to the humanitarian project “Stop AIDS at birth”. This entertaining evening gives a setting for informing young people about the risks of contracting AIDS and to encourage them not to lower their guard.

What are you waiting for? Get a group of people together, ask Cesvi for the book of ideas and embark on the path together!

The group of Friends of Cesvi and the volunteers in Italy

Groups in Italy
  • Varese
  • Milano
  • Bergamo
  • Napoli
  • Roma
  • Biella
  • Palermo