Remember your loved ones through the smile of a child.

A donation in memory your dearly departed is a seed of hope that flowers every day in the smile of a child. Remember a loved one in a special way, together with a Cesvi.

Remember those you have loved with an In Memoriam donation is a simple gift that becomes a promise of new life: in food, water, schooling, medical care and protection for all the children who still need help.

Here is some information on how to make your Donation in memoriam.

If you want the relatives of the deceased to know of your generous gesture we will send them a letter informing them of your donation. Just tick the box on the form below.

If on the other hand you want to commemorate someone through a specific project, and place a plaque, you can go to the Heart-warming projects or contact us at the number +39 035 2058066.

With your Donation in memoriam, your loved one will live on in the eyes and the smiles of the children who receive your help, in the joy of mothers who can provide for their families, in the proud hands of their fathers who will at last have the help to start over.