You don’t need super powers to be a hero helping every child, you need a big heart.

Just choosing to make a donation for our heart-warming projects dedicated to children you will become a real hero supporting the future of every child and of the entire humanity.

Children are the first to suffer from the tragedies that strike humanity. Innocent victims of wars that they had no say in, epidemics that they  deal with, they are the first to suffer the consequences.

This is why supporting a Heart-warming project dedicated to children is a highly responsible gesture towards the world’s future. Only by taking care of future generations will we build a different future, where the values of justice and reciprocity stand at the base of society.

For these children Cesvi has created the Houses of Smiles, extraordinary places where they can  grow up feeling protected, but our help doesn’t end here. With our projects we take care of the health of the little ones and their mothers every day, because a child cannot grow without the care of his own mother.

Choosing to support one of our projects dedicated to children you will become a real hero and you will help us build a world in which every child can grow up happily.