With a donation to the Cesvi Emergency Fund you can make the difference for the survivors of serious humanitarian crises.

Earthquakes, drought, wars and epidemics are only a few of the tragedies that hit our planet every day.

Their catastrophic consequences make us feel impotent, but thanks to the Cesvi emergency teams , now we can make the difference and be present in the front line to bring immediate help.

With a donation to the Cesvi Emergency Fund it is possible to equip our teams with the necessary means to act, without wasting time, immediately after the catastrophe. In an emergency it is fundamental to act at once to save as many lives as possible, to bring food and water for the survivors of an earthquake, psychological support to war victims, therapeutic nutrition to children living in zones hit by drought and famine.

Supporting the Cesvi Emergency Fund you will give us concrete help in saving the lives of lots of deeply wounded children who, with your help, we can take care of quickly.

  • With 500 euro you save the life of 4 undernourished children in Somalia
  • With 1,500 euro you offer work to a family of Syrian refugees in Lebanon
  • With 5,000 euro you help us support a family victim of the earthquake in Central Italy