With child sponsorship Cesvi will provide food, schooling, training and medical care to all the children in a community, no-one excluded.

A whole village is needed for a child to grow up. For a community to grow it just needs you! Come into the Houses of Smiles and discover how to give a hope for the future to many abandoned minors who need you to save them from hunger, solitude and poverty.

Why sponsor a community of children? In the world millions of children don’t have access to food, schooling, adequate medical care, family affection. In the poorest countries, on the fringes of the biggest capitals, their living conditions are scarred by degradation and the absolute lack of a future. Cesvi’s child sponsorship allows you to reach all the children in a community and assure their rights and health. It is a more respectful form of help  for the needs of all of them, directed at avoiding situations of privilege between children who live in the same context with the same problems.

Who benefits from your help? The beneficiaries of your sponsorship are children orphaned by HIV, street children victims of family poverty and breakdown, minors who go through a state of total abandon and destitution, children who are victims of work and sexual exploitation, women victims of violence with their children. You can give each of these a real chance of salvation and release by guaranteeing a protected and safe environment where they can receive support and affection.

What are the Houses of Smiles? Cesvi’s sponsorship of communities is put into practice with the Houses of Smiles, bridging structures and places for socialising which offer services and shelter to all the children in the community. They are in Haiti, Zimbabwe, India, South Africa, Brazil, Per and the PDR of Congo. They are authentic oases of happiness, of buildings that offer protected spaces for play, meals, school activities, personal hygiene. Once inside the Houses of Smiles the children are safe from the risks of the street (violence, exploitation), and can at last live their childhood.

What can you in fact do? The assistance provided within the Houses of Smiles starts with proper feeding and medical care, essential after months of neglect or life on the streets. The Houses of Smiles go on to offer all the children the chance to study, through guidance with scholastic activities, catching up courses, real classrooms; for the older ones professional training courses too. Lastly, psychological support by teachers and professional  help.