Set up a high impact communications campaign with us to win over your reference target.

CRM is a strategic partnership between Cesvi and the Company, which intends to promote its trade mark or a product  to mutual benefit. In all the campaigns Cesvi and the Company study together the best formula to marry the social ends with the company’s objectives. The impact of the campaign extends to the ‘consumer’ who is drawn in to take part in the initiative through an action or a behaviour (purchasing a product, putting a like on Facebook), either real or virtual.

Some examples of successful CRM:

Cesvi and Duracell, together for #lacaricachehaidentro (the charge that you carry)

With Duracell we have run a campaign which has involved millions of consumers under the sign “The charge that you carry”: a charitable marathon, run together with our celebrity Migidio Bourifa, was linked to a digital campaign and activity in the shops. Various modalities made it possible for Duracell and their customers to donate kilometers to Cesvi’s mobile clinics in Myanmar. A positive charge, in every sense!

With A2A Energy, for ‘A meal for life’

Thanks to A2A’s fidelity programme, their clients can do good works that become meals for the street children in the People’s Democratic Republic of Congo. A click is enough to reach those in need.

There are many advantages for the company: a better image, brand building, an increase in sales and profit margin thanks to the competitive advantage.

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